Friends, welcome the updated UTONHACK 2.0!

We invite scientists, blockchain developers, IT technology experts and experts around the world to participate in the global online blockchain hackathon.

July 17 - August 2, 2020

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Challenge yourself on LikeLib blockchain

Our goal is to boost innovation

Likelib is a universal and reliable blockchain that uses advanced technical solutions to achieve higher transaction throughput.

Likelib blockchain open source code allows create your own solutions.


Areas of interest

Offer your unique idea or approach to solving a problem. Turn them into reality during the hackathon.

Hackathon Team


Hackathon directions


The main area of online hackathon are solutions related to blockchain technology. Participants can offer their ideas in accordance with the proposed prize nominations.


01. Idea

Showcase the benefits of blockchain technology


02. Prototype

Create a working solution


03. Application

Get a Star Start on Your Project

Hackathon Nominations

We invite you to compete in two prize blocks, each of which contains three interesting nominations. Hackathon participants must create a working prototype of the blockchain project and submit their decision to the jury on July 25 (5pm Eastern Time).

LikeLib Ecosystem

You can learn more about LikeLib on GitHub.

Each team that will develop for LikeLib will be issued a VS with their RSA keys, for the work of which they will connect and implement their projects.

Blockchain only works with the latest version of Solidity smart contracts. Use of Event is prohibited. Implemented a bare Web socket. The choice of language is not important. The connection between nodes, blanks for lightning and sharding is implemented. The blockchain itself uses a new type of architecture that allows you to scale the blockchain.

On the Devpost hackathon page, you will also find a list of useful documents and resource to help you get started on your build. We will update this list as new materials become available, and the entire list of links will also be sent to your email after you have registered for the hackathon. Following these helpful step-by-step guides and tutorials will hopefully provide you with useful information that you will also be able to use in future projects utilizing LikeLib.

For discussions and the latest information about the event, do also join us on the official Hackathon Discord server, where our team will answer questions about the hackathon, and help you along in your development, should any questions arise.

Ready to test your skills?

We’re looking for useful tools in the LikeLib ecosystem (e.g. wallets, explorers, process builders, debuggers), or new services and processes.

For LikeLib

9000 USDT

Create your solution to expand application tools, functionality and usability of LikeLib 


  • analytical and monitoring tools for LikeLib blockchain transactions, nodes and blocks generation
  • integration with LikeLib blockchain
  • Likelib block explorers, wallets and other tools
  • any extensions that improve LikeLib ecosystem

FinTech Project

4500 USDT

Projects related to the e-commerce market, mobile and electronic payments, financial technology, innovation and banks.


  • financial lending services on the blockchain
  • mobile payment services
  • online payment services
  • financial applications
  • ticketing services
  • financial chat bots


4500 USDT

Unusual creative solution using smart contracts.


  • solutions that expand the boundaries of the use of smart contracts and demonstrate the benefits of using blockchain technologies to solve business and society faced problems.
  • smart contract constructor

Blockchain Ecosystem

Hackathon participants must create a working prototype with using any blockchain technology and submit their decision to the jury on July 25 (5pm Eastern Time).

blockchain game

4500 USDT

Creating a game that can become a real hit


  • A game that fully functions on the blockchain
  • Games where the blockchain is partially integrated into the gameplay


4500 USDT

Creating a solution based on the technology of distributed data storage, combining feasibility, innovation and the possibility of practical implementation with the Internet of Things.


  • DAPP
  • logistics solutions, integration with the IoT, and more
  • business ideas that the world and business need
  • Food Supply Chain Safety and Visibility (CBP)
  • Supply Chain Traceability of Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce Shipments (CBP)


4500 USDT

Business ideas aimed at solving the problems associated with the current crisis and the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Solutions can be associated with any industry, provided that they bring technical innovation to the area affected by the current pandemic.


  • business assistance solutions
  • remote work solutions
  • improving public health infrastructure and rapid response systems
  • solutions for mobilizing society in crises
  • virus control / prevention solutions
  • Self-Sovereign identity (SSI)


> 200


Arrived from 12 countries

> 0


Fought for 8 nominations

> 0


Helped both mentors and jury




Does the project have any feasible application and/or have a social impact? Will this help the community and business with a real problem they are facing? Can this be implemented? This is a key category.

Technical Complexity

The team should display a good level of knowledge in terms of the technology they’ve used in implementing their project. The solution should demonstrate the benefits of blockchain technology

Creativity/ Innovation

Is this project unique and innovative? Is it a solution or creation we have never seen before? A better way of doing something? How unique is the submission? How much are you pushing your imagination?


Is the project free of major bugs? Does it look appealing? The UI/UX doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect, but if we’re having a hard time understanding the project by looking at it, there may be a problem



Collection of applications and identification of participants.


Conducting workshops.


Voting by an expert jury.


Summing up and announcing winners.


Step 1

Join our social networks

In our social networks, participants will be able to get mentorship, chat with other hackers, exchange ideas and find teammates. We will broadcast workshops, ceremonies and other important events

Step 2

Register for email updates

So that we can keep you up to date with a ton of important info, opt-in to receive email updates here

Step 3

Develop a prototype

Build a new functioning solution utilizing blockchain that relates to one of the following industries: banking and financial services, international trade and commodities, supply chain, energy, identity, Internet of Things, government, healthcare and medicine, automotive and gaming.

Step 4

A link to your repos

A link to one or more public GitHub repositories where developed source code is hosted. Please select an open-source license for your submission (e.g. MIT license). Please include a with instructions for using your code.

Step 5

Create a video

Create a short video to demonstrate the use of your tool. Please keep it under 5 mins


Day 1

Fri, Jul 17, 2020 01:00 PM UTC

UTONHACK Opening Ceremony

Day 2

Sat, Jul 18, 2020

09:00 am UTCIoT + Blockchain: use cases what we done in our R&D projects | SERGEI LONSHAKOV
12:00 am UTCDecentralized Identifiers as a New Type of Digital Identity | ARTEM FRANTSIIAN
03:00 pm UTCCertificate management for energy assets | LEONID KHATSKEVYCH

Day 3

Sun, Jul 19, 2020

09:00 am UTCLikeLib: opportunities and prospects | DZIANIS BELSKI
12:00 am UTCMaking a flash loan with Solidity. Tutorial for beginners | MIKHAIL SLABODZICH
03:00 pm UTCBringing Bitcoin to DeFi: trade-offs of different cross chain systems | NIKOLAI PASHUK

Day 4

Sat, Jul 25, 2020 8:00 PM UTC

FINAL PROJECT SUBMISSION. All submissions are due 08:00 PM UTC on July 25th.

Day 5 

Sun, Aug 2, 2020 01:00 PM UTC

1Live Presentations Start
2Winners Announced

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